Test and Tag Course
Test and Tag Course
UEENEEP026A Conduct in service testing of cord connected equipment and cord assemblies

Axiom Compliance Learning are proud to offer the appropriate training to achieve the knowledge and skills to carry out tasks required for testing and inspecting of portable electrical equipment. Industry commonly refer to this work as test and tag. Axiom Compliance Learning can deliver two types of test and tag training which both meet the requirements of Australian Standards, WHS Regulations and the relevant Codes of Practice including 'Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace. All training is structured and successful completion determined by assessment of competency.


Skillset UEESS00098 Restricted - Electrical safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies
UEENEEE101A Apply WHS Codes and practices in the workplace
UEENEEP026A Conduct in service testing of electrical cord connected equipment
Some states of Australia require people to be licenced to do test & tag work. A certificate of attainment is required to apply for a licence in QLD. Most other states do not require this level certification including NSW. Students who choose this level of training are required to complete the two units competency listed above. Students who wish to undertake the accredited test and tag training should enroll in the standard test & tag course listed on the course calendar and request the accredited course in the additional notes section. We will contact you after we receive your on line enrollment. 
The standard test & tag course involves one day of training.Upon successful completion students will receive a certificate of achievement. This course provides students with the same training as the the accredited course with out having to complete the additional unit of competency UEENEEE101A which is not required in NSW. To enroll click on standard test and tag course selection in the course calendar. 
This option allows students to complete the knowledge component of the test and tag course online. To complete the practical assessments we offer the options of attending a practical instruction and assessment at one of our training venues or a second option of supplying reports with video evidence for assessment. To enroll in the online  course click on the on line test & tag course in the course calendar. We will contact you to discuss your assessment preference.  
Learning Outcomes
Understanding and applying testing requirements in the workplace
-Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760
-Applying WHS regulations and codes in the workplace
-Limitations of work that can be undertaken
-Determining retest requirements using risk assessment principals
-Managing electrical risk in the workplace

Basic electrical principals and concepts:
-AC and DC Voltages
-Basic electrical circuits
-Circuit protective devices and RCDs
-Functions of electrical circuit
-Conductors and insulators
-Basic electrical supply system
-Relationship of electrical quantities
-Effects of electrical currents

Inspection & testing of electrical equipment, leads and RCD,s:
-Using Portable Appliance Testers (PAT)
-PAT maintenance and calibration Classification of electrical equipment
-Inspection of electrical equipment (visual inspections)
-Earth continuity testing
-Insulation resistance testing
-Polarity testing (extension cords and IEC cords)
-Leakage current testing
-Portable RCD testing

Testing and tagging documentation requirements:
-Risk assessment documentation
-Frequency of inspection and testing
-Tagging of equipment
-Records maintenance
3 phase appliance testing
Test and Tag 3 phase Testing  $220
In this course students will learn how to test and tag 3 phase appliances and extension cords. Students must have successfully completed the 240v test and tag course before attempting this course. During the course a range of 3 phase test adaptors will be used and participants are invited to bring any testing equipment to be instructed in its safe use. A short theory lesson and practical testing tasks will be assessed with a certificate of achievement issued upon successful completion. The course duration is                                      approximately 4 hrs

Replace plugs and sockets

Replace 240 volt plugs and sockets $110
In this course students will learn how to correctly remove and replace 240v cord plugs and sockets. To complete the course, students will complete a short theory lesson and then select the appropriate tools to make a 240v extension lead. The course can be completed in approximately 1hr with a                                   certificate of achievement issued after successful completion. 

Fixed RCD Testing $110
In this course students will learn how to correctly test fixed RCD,s. After a short theory lesson students will demonstrate testing a range of fixed RCD,s using a range of testing equipment.   



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