CPP20511 Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing

This qualification applies to individuals who are or training to be fire protection technicians responsible for non-trade installation and regular servicing of fire protection equipment and systems.

This certificate is best for individuals:

- Already in the fire protection industry performing inspections and tests on fire protection equipment and want to
  validate their knowledge, skills and experience so they can provide adequate documentation, demonstrating they are a
  competent fire safety practitioner in the form of a Nationally Recognise Qualification.
- Who would like to acquire the skills for entry into the Fire Protection industry
- To perform inspections and tests internally assisting with cost effective management of a business compliance.
- To undertake the opportunity starting their own business as a fire protection technician.
- To gain qualifications leading toward the FPAA, Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme.
- To apply for a BSA Licence QLD
- To apply for a EAHL Qualified Person Licence, National

On enrolment an invoice will be forwarded where $1000 deposit is required remaining due on commencement of training.

Course Recognition
Certificate 11 in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing (course code CPP20511) is a Nationally Recognised Training Course. Recognised throughout Australia by industry bodies, employers, accreditations schemes and Licencing applications.

Program outline
The course will be delivered using blended learning, a combination of one-on-one, practical practice, online, workbooks and assessment. The training is sequenced in a way that allows a logical progression. You will be provided with professionally presented reference material and were required equipment to assist you to develop your knowledge of the subject.

The assessment is conducted using a combination of realistic demonstrations with tasks and knowledge tests.

You will demonstrate a range of skills whilst being observed by, or interacting with, the facilitator. The activities will be clearly explained and always relate to duties relevant to the activities learned in the course. These activities allow the assessor to observe you applying your knowledge and skills during practical activity.

With Successful completion students will receive a record of results and Statement of Attainment: CPP20511- Certificate in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing. (If all units not completed in 12 months a Statement of Attainment for completed units will be issued.

In Industry:  Online and 1 day face to face with a trainer, one on one at your work or our training facility. (May attract extra travel fee if trainer required to travel excessive distance from our training venue in Newcastle or Sydney)
New to the Industry: Online and 4 days face to face in a classroom with no more than 10 students. See dates  

Class Size:
Maximum 8 Students

In Industry:  Online and 1 day face to face with a trainer one on one at your work or our training facility. (may attract travel fee if required to travel excessive distance from our training venue in Newcastle. 8am to 4pm

Venue/Dates & Times
Venue: Axiom Compliance currently provides training in NSW and ACT. Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra on regular basis with the capability to provide training onsite for one or multiple students. Dates on request or see website for scheduled course dates.
Course conducted from 8am – 4.30pm (tea and coffee only supplied)

How to enroll?
New to the industry - Enroll online go to Training dates for CPP20511, click on required date and complete enrolment. 
In the Industry - Enroll online go to Training dates choose Online--CPP20511 and complete enrolment.
You will be contacted to discuss choice of units and we will email you an invoice, student handbook with confirmation of enrollment within 24 hours (Student Handbook also available on website)  Note. You have one year from your enrollment date to complete this qualification.

Units of Competency
Units Core Units must be completed
BSBWOR202A Organise and complete daily work activities
CPPCMN2002A Participate in workplace safety arrangements
CPPCMN2003A Provide effective client service
CPPFES2004A Identify types of installed fire safety equipment and systems
CPPFES2005A Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment
CPPFES2006A Prepare for installation and servicing operations
CPPFES2007A Maintain quality of work and promote continuous improvement
Elective units of competency choose 6
CPCPFS3021A Inspect and test fire pumpsets
CPPFES2003A Safely move loads and dangerous goods
CPPFES2010A Inspect and test fire hose reels
CPPFES2011A Install portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets
CPPFES2020A Conduct routine inspection and testing of fire extinguishers and fire blankets
CPPFES2026A Inspect and test emergency and exit lighting systems
CPPFES2029A Conduct functional tests on fire detection, warning and intercommunication devices
CPPFES2035A Identify, inspect and test fire and smoke doors
CPPFES2037A Inspect and test fire hydrant systems


CPP20511 Certificate 11 in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing

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